Sydney Photography Courses

Sydney Photography Courses

Find you are lacking lustre in your photography? Want to expand your horizons and create some more dazzle in your photos? Join Sam Nerrie on one of her Sydney courses or workshops. These are comprehensive courses where you will get personal attention and great tuition. Sam is an experienced teacher and highly awarded photographer. Class numbers are kept small (6 people only!)so you can learn at a faster pace and get instant feedback. Sydney is a terrific place to learn photography with so many great landcape scenes and street action happening.

Sydney SLR and Mirrorless Essentials Course

Love to learn about your settings and what they can do for you? As well as your lenses? Sick of watching endless videos and want a personal instructor who know exactly where you are at? Sam Nerrie is a very experienced teacher of photography as well as a highly awarded international photographer. Photograph some iconic places in Sydney while learning how to get the best out of your SLR or Mirrorless camera. Find out about some tricks and tips that will help you to progress much faster. Sydney is  a treasure chest for photographers so you will have a fabulous day out with other photographers who want to improve their photography.

Learn how to master the manual, settings, how to use a tripod, which lenses are the best for particular situations, how to find the best light for the scene and how to use your compositional skills to take creative and quirky images and master low light photography.

2023 dates to be posted soon     $280    10am - 8pm   Light meal included.


Sydney Photography Workshop

Soak up two days of photography bliss in Sydney! This workshop will cover many skills and fabulous locations in Sydney including the Royal National Park, an ocean pool, a ferry ride, a city foray and much more. There are many hidden treasures in Sydney and we will be seeking them out so you can experience a wide range of photography genres. Macro, night, landscape, street and ocean photography included in this creative photography course. Maximum of 7 participants.

Weekend Workshops $420     2 days of bliss photographing Sydney and its iconic places as well as some more eclectic places.


Contact Sam on or phone her on 0428 111 927

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