NEWS DEC 2020: It has been a challenging year with many changes how businesses have had to operate and this includes mine. Good news is that the Merimbula markets are back and after a successful day at the New Year's Eve market I will be setting up a stall at the Jan 17th Merimbula market ( 8-12)

NEWS NOV 2020: My entry 'Fire and Drought' in the 2020 International Photography Awards gained an Honourable Mention in the Editorial- Environment category. Taken in Canberra whilst watching the gang gang cockatoos feeding their young on a hot smoky day with dead drought-affected vegetation all around. Not sure how they managed to feed their young but they did all survive. This image summarises the summer of 2020 for me.

My other entry 'Mahons Pool Wild Waves' also gained an Honourable Mention in the Editorial - Other category. It was taken in Sydney just at the end of a major storm. The storm waves completely change the nature of the pool from calm and beguiling to something quite dangerous and frightening.

Second image  in Black and White taken in the same location has gained an Nominee award also in the Black and White Spider Awards 2020. Link will take you to the category; scroll down for S for Sam Nerrie in the Nature category.

NEWS: New round of photography courses starting soon. These cover smart phones, SLRs and mirrorless cameras.

I have constructed an epic iPhone course which will show you how to use all the magical functions of the iPhone adeptly and how to create a beautiful image using some of the editing apps that are available although I do favour the Lightroom for Mobiles. Learning to use some of the key features of the best ones available is part of this course. The courses cover a wide range of photography skills and techniques and presents them in a way that is clear and understandable. Your photography will never be the same again.

Specialised course in the iPhone 12 photography starting soon. Register your interest on the form below.


Photography allows me to interact with the environment and spaces around me. Many people say photographers live behind a camera however it connects you with the world in a way that is not possible when walking through a scene. It causes me to stop and look at the small and the large as well as the close and the far. I then consider what the scene is saying to me and how I would like to remember it. This can be through a landscape photo or through the creatures or flowers that are found there.

Capturing people is the same. When photographing people there is nearly always a context to add into the image that augments their personalities. Sometimes this is a small item and sometimes it is the broader landscape. It can also be the mood of the lighting, the expression on their face.

My interaction with the camera and with the landscapes around me have so far I have gained 42 international awards with the most recent being 2 Nominee Awards in the 2020 International Color Awards in the categories of Wildlife and Fine Art (under S for Sam Nerrie).