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Photography Courses South Coast NSW


Sam Nerrie's high standard of photography has earned her 40 international awards including a third place in the International Photography Awards, 4 Honourable Mentions in the International Photography Awards 2018 and 3 Nominee awards in the International Color Awards 2018. Join her on a journey into the wonderful world of photography during one of these courses.

You will love her style of teaching... you get personalised instruction with real practice in the field. Sam is a trained teacher and you will notice the difference in her courses. The courses are fun and full of new skills taught in a way that makes it easy for you to understand. Learn how to get the best out of your camera and go home confident and full of enthusiasm to try your new skills.

Visit some awesome locations, meet some like-minded people and have loads of fun.

"Sam's courses are incredible. I learnt much more than I expected and now have a deeper understanding of what the camera can do. My photography has improved immensely." Fiona 

Anne, 'Sam's teaching style is fabulous. She is much easier to understand than any other photography instructor I have had before.'

Sue, 'Sam was very helpful and gave me heaps of one-on-one time. We had time to practice what we were learning in many different situations.'


Saturday and Sunday, April 18 and 19, 2020  (two full days)


Join Sam Nerrie for an incredible journey into photography. You will learn many aspects of what you need to take fabulous landscape and nature photos. Stand out with newfound techniques and skills. You will get the opportunity to practice and improve your understanding of how to take great photos in the field. Max People: 6

Course inclusions:

  • Controlling light - flash, reflectors, sun and more
  • Understanding great composition, colour and lighting
  • Reading the histograms and other information on the camera correctly
  • Judging how to get the best light in the environment
  • Panoramas
  • Use of tripod with Live View and Mirror Up settings
  • Use of filters, different lenses and their effects
  • Using the best camera settings for the job at hand including learning to master manual
  • Personal tuition throughout the course
  • Focus stacking
  • Macro, landscapes, fine art and black and white photography

Some previous experience is required with your camera.




    Smart phone

    Sunday, April 11, 2020 , 9am - 2pm


    Have a great day out with your smart phone camera and create some stunning photos. We cover best practice techniques in macro photography as well as editing techniques to make your images more powerful. Your smart phone photography will never be the same again.

    SLR users

    Sunday, April 11, 9am - 4pm


    Register your interest now for this exploration into the exciting world of macro and close-up photography.

    Have fun learning about what your camera can do with small creatures and objects. Find out how to create great lighting to give your photos that extra zing.

    We cover all aspects including tripod use, extension tubes, lenses, composition, colour, set up, depth of field, shutter speed, tripod use, backgrounds, focus stacking and more.




    Saturday, May 2nd,  10am - dusk


    This course is for beginners who may have some experience with their cameras. In this course you will learn how to use the dials and buttons on your camera and how to get a great photo with good lighting. We provide you with a learning booklet with quality notes and you will have heaps of practical work (more than in many other courses). Sam is a trained teacher and knows how to  present information in a easy-to-learn manner. You will gain confidence in using your camera in many situations such as family outings, whilst travelling and at local events or places.

    Rust Dew And Web


    Sunday,  May 10,  2020,  9am to dusk


    Explore Sydney and your camera with this incredible course.

    Sam has several two Honourable Mentions in international photography competitions for photos taken in Sydney and 30 international awards for photos taken in the southern parts of NSW.

    Her experience as an instructor and her understanding of photography are outstanding. You will love this photography course as you visit some iconic places in Sydney and learn to view the landscape differently. Class numbers are limited to 8 so you will get personal attention and plenty of time to practice in the field. There are two and a half hours of instruction outdoors and the rest is in situ.

    The course covers filters, tripod usage with live view, best lenses for the job, compositions, apertures, shutter speeds, use of colour, photographing the unusual and how to get the best image on the day no matter what the weather, .

    You will need to be fairly familiar with your camera for this course. DSLR and mirrorless cameras are suitable.



    March 28th and April 4th, 9 - 12.30 noon


    Get the wow factor into your smart phone photos for your business. Soar above the rest with quirky, colourful, professional-looking photos after completing this 2 session course. Your small business needs to put its best foot forward at all times and photography is the most important medium for passing on your message in this image hungry world.

    Get $20 off if you book more than 8 days before the start date.

    Some of the tricks you will learn are:

    • Colour balance your images so they don't have that yukky yellow/orange tinge
    • Create snazzy compositions
    • Using colour for best effect
    • How to get clean backgrounds
    • Taking business and client portraits
    • What makes a great photo
    • When to use a tripod
    • Using reflectors and lighting
    • Setting up a home made studio for your smart phone
    • Use special effects and lenses on the smart phone
    • Use of models aka friends, the do and don'ts

    This course will help you sell your business whether a consulting or product-based business.

    An added bonus is that your personal photography will also improve as this course covers a range of photographic situations.

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