Sapphire Coast Photography Courses


Sam Nerrie's high standard of photography has earned her 45 international awards including a third place in the International Photography Awards, 4 Honourable Mentions in the International Photography Awards 2018 and 5 Nominee awards in the International Color Awards 2018, 2020. Join her on a journey into the wonderful world of photography during one of these courses. You will love her style of teaching... you get personalised instruction with plenty of valuable in the field. Sam is a trained teacher and you will notice the difference in her courses as she steps you through the required knowledge and techniques. The courses are enjoyable and full of new skills taught in a way that makes it easy for you to understand. Learn how to get the best out of your camera, take your skill level up a few notches and go home full of enthusiasm to try out your new skills.

Courses can be tailored to suit your skill level and interests. Please use form below to write in with your requirements. Sam will need a minimum of 4 to run a course unless you would like a private session. An advanced course is offered twice a year where macro, landscapes and nature photography are included. 

Visit some beautiful locations, have fun with your camera and meet some like-minded people. Use the form below to register your interest.



Enjoy a day with internationally awarded photographer, Sam Nerrie, discovering what your camera can really do.

Suitable for beginners to intermediate photographers.

Run on demand: 10am - dusk      $250

This course is for beginners to intermediate who may already have some experience with their cameras. In this course you will learn how to use the dials and buttons on your camera and how to get a great photo with good lighting. We provide you with a learning booklet with quality notes and you will have heaps of practical work (more than in many other courses). Sam is a trained teacher and knows how to  present information in a easy-to-learn manner. You will gain confidence in using your camera in many situations such as family outings, on holidays and at local events.

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This courses will open up a whole new and exciting world of photography for you.

          8am-1                       $220

8 am to 1 pm. $220 Canberra, October 23, 2022

Register your interest now for this exploration into the exciting world of macro and close-up photography.

Have fun learning about what your camera can do with small creatures and objects. Find out how to create great lighting to give your photos that extra zing.This course is comprehensive; you will learn some interesting techniques to help you extend your macro photography. Sam Nerrie is a expert experienced instructor who gives you personal attention throughout the whole course. You won't go away feeling you could have learnt more. Canberra is blooming now so take this opportunity to photograph the small and wonderful.

Course includes:
When and how to use a tripod, extension tubes, lenses, macro composition and backgrounds, how to light a small subject using natural or artificial light sources, how to get true and vibrant colour in your macro shots, depth of field, shutter speed, focus stacking and what makes a great macro shot.

Sam has been awarded a third in the Micro category in the International Photo Awards 2016 for 'Togetherness'.


Love photography? Then this course is for you if you have aN SLR or mirrorless camera...

Weekends      $420

2 days of photography in some stunning locations working with an internationally awarded photographer and trained instructor. Workshops in Sydney and the Sapphire Coast.

Join Sam Nerrie for an incredible journey into photography. You will learn many aspects of what you need to take fabulous landscape and nature photos. Stand out with newfound techniques and skills. You will get the opportunity to practice and improve your understanding of how to take great photos in the field. This will be a great opportunity to extend your skills with master photographer, Sam Nerrie. Max People: 8

Course inclusions:

Controlling light - flash, reflectors, sun and more
Understanding great composition, colour and lighting
Reading the histograms and other information on the camera correctly
Judging how to get the best light in the environment
Use of tripod with Live View and Mirror Up settings
Use of filters, different lenses and their effects
Using the best camera settings for the job at hand
Personal tuition throughout the course
Focus stacking
Macro, landscapes, fine art and black and white photography
Learning to master manual

Some previous experience is required with your SLR or Mirrorless camera.

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