Looking for a high quality wedding photographer?

Sam Nerrie can supply you with beautiful images. She is an expert in giving you gorgeous poses with stunning backgrounds. Being an award winning photographer helps you get the standout photos you deserve on your special day.

Sam's understanding of quality lighting, fab backgrounds and poses will ensure that you will have photos to treasure for years to come.

Tips for Finding a Potential Wedding Photographer:

  • Ask your potential photographers to see their wedding portfolio and their contracts.
  • Compare the lighting, poses and scenes particularly their backgrounds. Backgrounds can make or break a photo.
  • Check whether they will meet with you before the wedding day to discuss your requirements and whether this is included in the fee. It is included with my pricing.
  • Are they using high end professional gear. It makes a difference to the skin tones. The gear I use is high quality and you will notice the difference.
  • Check that their fee includes the supply of high and low resolution images. Some charge more to download the images. My price for wedding photography includes the supply of edited high and low resolutions images.
  • Check their editing skills. Do they photos look over-saturated? This can be a concern for your photos as they will not look good if they are over-saturated or poorly edited. My international awards prove that I know how to edit to a high level.
  • Do they charge extra for editing? All photos should be edited. It is rare that they can be handed over without some editing. My price includes all editing of all photos.


I have a special passion for wedding photography as it is a time when we are immersed in the experience of connecting with the bride, groom and their family members, their friend and their happy times. The experience is incredible and I love presenting them with a collection of images which portrays such a unique and exciting moment in their lives.
I live in the South-East of New South Wales in Australia and will travel to  your wedding venue.

It was so much fun working with you and the pictures look so great, thank you!

Ally and Tim


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